Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Kogi guber: My take is birthed by civil servants’ agony

At this point, reality is sacrosanct to our future political engagements, oh yes! There can be no better time than this. We must begin to tell ourselves the truth regarding what should be embraced or derided- whether or not the current tyranny and totalitarianism should remain. To this end, I make bold to say, the imminent transition era though seems apprehensive, it will be unprecedented. Needless to say that the confluence city is intuitively on the edge of socio-economic tragedy at the moment. But its actuality would be decided by the election. Hence, the mantle of leadership calls for unparalleled proficient hands.
Before that, I must emphasize that the current government will in no doubt leave us with a lesson which I will also be fair, by viewing it categorically in two ways; firstly, those whom the odds favored (the boot-lockers)- it would undeniably be the best moment of their lives. Secondly, the overwhelming masses whose impacts-of-vote were swindled- it is indeed a bitter lesson and I will prove that instantly.
Before January 2016 (when Kogi state elected her governor via a coronation ceremony courtesy of circumstantial demands), it is an established fact that the state was not in order, Hence, an emerging governor would have assimilated the fact that enormous task awaits, it would have also been crystal clear to him that a careful and well-thought strategies were paramount to his success as one yearning to make impacts. As a matter of fact, I was optimistic about sound policies and critical decisions. But on the contrary, ranging from security to infrastructure, there were, and are no evocative policy by this government. And in critical decisions, I would have applauded them for embarking on the much aloof screening and verification exercise on the state civil servants, but the entire exercise was in futility. Of course, you and I know that even those verified and cleared are not being paid. Besides, we only saw retrenchment in the workforce, the wage bill still remains the same. So, what can a sane mind attributes such to if not an avenue to loot our common patrimony?
I am also tempted to regard the sycophantic aftermath acceptance of cattle colony by the state government as another clueless move. First, a genuine leader would have considered its security implications sequel to the happenings around the neighboring state before taken such a life-threatening decision. But my able Governor who has obstinately strutted himself as Mr. President’s first male child did not take cognizance of the fact, consequently, we saw how etched the killing of people and destruction of properties became thereafter.
The security architecture where several media houses, NGOs, etc. had awarded the governor for his outstanding performance is also rated low compared to funds that were allocated. Recalled that, barely a week after GYB assumed office, over N260 million was sapped from the state confer as security votes. This is the tip of the iceberg in the spree of funds purportedly billed for security by Bello’s administration, and while there is evidently no genuine impact of these funds, I would be fair by bringing to bear, the ceremonial recruitment of vigilante group in the state. From inception, it appeared to be given a portfolio, but the aftermath was propaganda as none of them had been paid since last year (a member and an uncle of mine confides). So, I wonder what benchmarks did those obsequious of the government drew their conclusion from. Besides, the last time I checked, Kogi state is still a hub of criminal activities. As a matter of fact, it has gone progressively worst.
On the welfare of Kogites, it would be needless to recount the civil servants’ ordeal since the beginning of this administration. It would also be meaningless trying to describe the current state of our health system as well as the institutions of learning. But one thing is inviolable; analyzing a Kogi state that favors all (both the bad, the good and even the ugly) in view of the Government three years’ stewardship.
Bye and large, the government will be leaving us with bitter lessons. Even those boot-licking can testify. They will be leaving us with catchy reminiscence in the form of a deep scar. In short, one cannot just jest with the 2015-2019 pages of Kogi’s history book because it’s thought-provoking, beyond belief and beautifully disgusting.
However, it is unassuming to say that the mishaps were not envisaged but I tell you, every sane mind would see it as deterrent warning and perhaps, avoid it in entirety, most especially, now that the enabler is hell-bent about his second term and the boot-lockers’ resolution to make it a do or die affairs.
Be that as it may, within the context of Kogi that favors all- where all that matters is healthy economy, priority for social welfare and security, sound policies which would eventually navigate the state to an enviable height, autonomy for LGs, political/moral emancipation through which an average Kogite is entreat to an utmost importance. I am tempted to ask? Do we want to repeat the mistake of yesterday? I am certain that the answer is capital NO. Hence, the urgent calls for unity among us. We must unite against the familiar and unfamiliar forces that have and may plunge our dear state abyss. This is therefore not just about Yahaya Bello alone, but every aspirant who has been questioned or gripped for graft- those who had either returned looted money to EFCC or still have impending questions to answer. Perhaps, in their private businesses, they could not create an avenue for human development, such people are not healthy for the sacred decision we are about to take. Politicians also should have no business vying for the office because we are done with politicking. Besides, a thief will always be one, once tempted and you have compromised your integrity over public funds, forget it you are not the one we want.
On this note, I advised that the pains of yesterday, especially, that felt by the civil servants should not go in vain. We must also take synopses of the present state of affairs and the quests to change the narrative, hence Bello and all those found wanting for one crime or the other should be clearly avoided. Political dynasty may also not augur well just as those running for office on the basis of parental DNA will end up disappointing us.
However, I will not end the post without a suggestion; I have searched and found Dr. Victor Adoji worthy of this task. He is young, much more intelligent, not mingled in the politicking business that had ruined our day, and most interestingly, his records are clean- not found wanting for any crime in the course of his engagement with the private sector (don’t believe me, do your findings). His humanitarian antecedent is unrivaled. For the avoidance of doubts or the impression that I am selling a candidate, I shall be opening the chapters of each aspirant soon. I also beseech everyone not to conclude until you weigh his (Adoji) credibility. Until then, Victor Adoji is the best option for Kogi state.

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