As shared by Da Zion Umoh on Facebook….
‘This is what Hon. Uduak Goodwin Nseobot (King Pele) who’s a Councillor did to a woman (Someone’s Wife) on his wedding day (Pele’s Wedding).
The woman was supposed to be killed by him but she somehow escaped.
From my investigation, Hon Nseobot appointed this woman to be in charge of of money that people were spreading on him and he got less money that expected and he took out the frustration on this woman by kidnapping her to an unknown location and her phone was taken from her.
All the marks on her face and body are not tattoos but wounds from the beating and she was stripped Unclad while she was on her monthly circle period and was forced to walk the street with and rope tie to her waist and she walked all the way to a certain shrine in Akwa Ibom State were she was force to take an oath.
Several attempt was made to reach him but to no avail.
Akwa Ibom State Government and majority of the People working with Governnor UDOM Emmanuel needs a proper reorientation will anger management classes’.
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