Friday, August 16, 2019

BBNaija: You are not fit to be a leader - Mike says in "fight" with Seyi (videos)


Big Brother Naija housemates Mike and Seyi got in a bit of heated argument earlier today ahead of their rehearsal for a task they got from Biggie.

The fight was ignited after Mike made fun of Seyi's comment of the earth being round. This however didn't sit right with Seyi who walked out on the Cruisetopia team. He told Mike before walking out "please, I don't like you coming to me for personal beliefs, I find it offensive and childish."


However Mike countered him by saying he should stop being hypersensitive and further stated that he won't roll over when he raises his voice at him.
"Why are you offended, stop being hypersensitive, you can't raise your voice at me and expect me to roll over.
"You cannot keep forcing your opinion on all of us. You overreact sometimes.
"You don't call yourself a leader and walk out every time there is a provocation or you can't control the situation.
"You are not fit for leadership when you keep quitting. To me, that is petty I don't work with sensitive people" Mike said in response.

And Venita had to come in. Seyi is letting this TorTiv get into his head and Mike is not having it 🤧

You cant stir people up and quit, you want them to run around and beg you? As who?

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