Wednesday, August 14, 2019

‘NYPD is the toughest gang in New York’ – 50 Cent reacts as Officials close the case against Officer who ordered Police to shoot him ‘on sight’

'NYPD is the toughest gang in New York' - 50 Cent reacts as Officials close the case against Officer who ordered Police to shoot him 'on sight'
The NYPD has closed its investigation into claims that a Brooklyn commanding officer ordered police to shoot rapper, 50 Cent on sight.
According to a report by the New York Daily News, the NYPD Internal Affairs Investigators concluded that 72nd Precinct Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez did not mean any malice when he made the statement about 50 Cent. As a result, they have elected not to move forward with any departmental or criminal charges.
During the investigation, Gonzalez filed an aggravated harassment complaint against 50 Cent. He claimed that the rapper threatened him on Instagram by using his popular “get the strap” hashtag.
50 Cent took to Instagram shortly after the news broke, calling the NYPD the “toughest gang in New York.”
‘I knew they were not going to do anything about this, so I stop talking about it. NYPD is hands down the toughest gang in New York. You just gotta be ready for what ever. You know the vibes’ he wrote.

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