He was sleeping, and deep throaty moans infiltrated into his ears, thence finding its way into his brain, exciting his nucleus acumbens– the pleasure centre of the brain.
It must be a dream, he thought. However, two things made him think better of it. First; something kept hitting his buttocks, perhaps a leg , and the bed was quaking violently. Secondly, the hard-on threatening to tear his boxers was sure as real as day and night.
Then he opened his eyes and turned to see his wife in some frenzy of ethereal proportion with guttural sounds coming form her mouth.
She was gyrating and thrusting her hips forwards rhythmically, like someone was on top of her ministering to her nether regions. Her eyes were rolled back into her head, while the hands were clutching on the bed sheet.
Totally unaware of him staring at her mouth agape with his jaws on the floor, she raised her nightie and her hands disappeared beneath them, away from his field of vision. A few thrusts and she squirmed and went limp. She was snoring before she even hit the bed.
All the while it felt as if there was a presence there with them in the room. He could feel ominous chills in his bone.
In the morning when she woke up, she had no memory of any of it. Absolutely none! She was more confused than he was, and genuinely so; and he had every reason to believe her.
He was never a believer of all that “spiritual husband” BS. However, this– this he couldn’t explain.
The religious, and the superstitious, would be quick to attribute the incident described in the above scenario to a spiritual influence.
However, fact is that the “unfortunate victim” is suffering from a sleep disorder called SEXSOMNIA.
Sexsomnia is a type of PARASOMNIA, just like sleepwalking, confusional arousal, night terrors, etc.
Parasomnias are undesirable physical events [such as abnormal movements and behaviors], or experiences [like emotions, perceptions and dreams], that occur in various stages of sleep.
The behaviours may appear well thought out, purposeful and carefully planned, following a coordinated pattern as may be seen in somnambulism [sleepwalking]; on the other hand it may manifest as a group of disjointed, purposeless movements and behaviours.
Whichever is the case, the sufferers usually are unaware of themselves, and their environment, during the process; are not easily roused [as they are actually in DEEP SLEEP]; and would not have any memory of the incident afterwards. They are more like AUTOMATIONS controlled by parts of the brain that function remote from consciousness.
In SEXSOMNIAS, parasomnia manifests as indulgence in sexual activities during sleep. It may be in the form of hip thrusting, moaning as if having an orgasm, masturbation, and in extreme cases it may manifest as sexual assault, and even rape proper.
Whichever is the case, it is important to note that the sufferer is not responsible for his/her actions. It isn’t premeditated, and how it manifests doesn’t necessarily depend on the person’s real life fantasies and mental preoccupation prior to sleep.
In an episode of the popular TV Series– Doctor House, a woman who claims not to be having sex, is manifesting symptoms of pregnancy. A pregnancy test confirms she’s pregnant, and a DNA test shows the baby belongs to her ex, who she’d broken up with some 6 month before, who however lives im the same building with her, 2 floors below hers. Investigation later shows that almost every night, she sleepwalks to the guy’s room, wakes him up, starts romancing him, and they end up having sex.
However, the next day she seems to have no memory of it, as she doesn’t even as much as respond to the guy’s greetings, let alone engage him in a conversation– leaving him bewildered as to why she keeps coming back if she still hates that much.
The above based-on-a-true-life story, which was re-enacted in Grey’s Anatomy, may help us understand not just sexsomnias, but also parasomnias as a whole. For instance, there’s a celebrated case of sleep-walking, in which the somnabulist, went to an airport, went through the motions of booking a flight, waiting in the departure lounge, boarding, and then flying to a destination–all while still sleeping!
Finally; it is NOT SPIRITUAL, people! If it were, it wouldn’t be treatable with drugs.
And oh, by “drugs” I didn’t mean “otumokpo” from Baba Ijebu; I meant pharmaceutical drugs like the Benzodiazepines [eg Clonazepam]. Evidence of this abound in literature.
Now you know.