Thursday, September 26, 2019

Mass grave of kidnap victims discovered in Benue

Mass grave of kidnap victims discovered in Benue


 Operatives of the joint security patrol team in Benue State code-name “Operation Zenda” have reportedly discovered a mass grave of kidnap victims at Gbatse village, in Ushongo Local Government Area of the state.

According to a police source who spoke on condition of anonymity, the grave was discovered, following a tip-off, behind the house of a suspected criminal and kidnap kingpin (name withheld) who ran a syndicate between Ushongo and Kwande local government areas.

“He kills his victims and collects their property like cars and motorcycles and even when ransoms are paid for the release of his victims he kills them and buries them behind his house.

“So far our men have exhumed nine bodies from the mass grave and more are being dug. Some persons have gone to identify the remains of their relatives that were dugout.

“I will advise anyone whose relation got missing in that axis or was kidnapped and has not been released by the kidnappers to go to Gbatse village and see if they can identify some of the corpses.

“The operation has led to the arrest of the ring leader and some of his gang members while others escaped but we will get them because our men are on their trail and I can assure you that we will get all of them, though I cannot give out any names for now.

(Culled from Vanguard).

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