Thursday, October 24, 2019

Benue PDP spokesman, Iortyom under fire

Maybe I should wait for Bemgba Iortyom to untie himself “down in the office” and come and put me in the place I belong before responding to him. Nonetheless, I think I should say a few things for Mr. Iortyom to chew on while he tries to extricate himself from the chains that have tied him down in the office. I am sure that he can multitask. He can read my response while trying to untie himself.
I am glad that Mr. Iortyom has given me an advance notice that he is coming to “as usual put [me] where [I] belong as an idle arm chair critic ensconced in a far away land.” I think he meant to say armchair, rather than arm chair. In any case, it is difficult for me to conjure how someone would be “ensconced” on an armchair. Sitting on an armchair is a very uncomfortable feeling and it is incompatible with being ensconced. I am not quaking in fear about what he will do to put me where I supposedly belong because he knows how badly he fared a few days ago when he responded to my posting. He is still reeling from the metaphorical body blows that true patriotic Benue young people, not the cravenly rapacious sycophants who bray to be noticed by Ortom, inflicted on him when he came at me. Secondly, if Mr. Iortyom sticks to the facts and not the convoluted mendacity of the Ortom administration, I can best him with concrete, logical and succinct analysis every time. So, Iortyom, I am waiting for you. Benue demands accountability from Ortom. Benue is sick and tired of the Ortom who seems to be suffering from a diarrhea of the mouth and would rather pontificate on all subjects, including when Satan kills people in Benue, rather than offering a sterling leadership.
Mr. Iortyom cannot cogently respond to the issues of poor governance and the sheer wickedness of the Ortom administration that I have raised and continue to highlight in my submissions and his only recourse is to attack me, as the messenger. Even then, he cannot lay a glove on me. His only recourse is to say that I live outside Benue. It is interesting to note that where I live was where Ortom recently visited and his visit was celebrated by his hagiographic sycophants as an achievement of immense proportions. I have lived here for more than thirty-nine years and my being here is a bad thing but if Ortom comes here for a few days at a huge expense to Benue with no corresponding benefits whatsoever to Benue, it is celebrated by Mr. Iortyom as a milestone.
Anyway, let me wait for Mr. Iortyom to untangle himself from the web of lies he is concocting in “the office” before I say any other thing but as a party spokesman, I would have thought that the issues I raised about the incompetence of BSIEC might have been of interest to Mr. Iortyom unless he knows as a PDP publicity secretary that as usual, the PDP has already rigged the election even before the Benue electoral body could find a date in the “first quarter of 2020” to hold the local government elections.
Mr. Iortyom knows that contrary to his bald assertion that I have “no idea what it takes and what it will take in the future to get Benue working” that I may not be privy to that knowledge but that I know that Benue is not working and will never work with Ortom at the helm of its affairs.

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