Thursday, October 24, 2019

Recipients shed tears of joy as Dr. Becky Enenche celebrates her birthday, empowers women, others (PHOTOS)

Recipients shed tears of joy as Dr. Becky Enenche celebrates her birthday, empowers women, others (PHOTOS)


 It was a moment of joy on Wednesday at the Lord’s Garden of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre during the  birthday celebration of Dr. Mrs. Becky-Paul Enenche, wife of Dr. Paul Enenche.

Part of activities to mark her birthday was the Empowerment of Outreach for women as well as the less-privileged.
IDOMA VOICE observed that several women were empowered with cash gift and other business items during the event.
Among the items distributed were; sewing machines, grinding engines, deep freezers, bags of rice, industrial ovens and several other items worth millions of naira.

Emotion, however, betrayed most of the women, who broke down in tears  of joy after receiving the items.
Speaking earlier during the programme, Dr. Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of DIGC Worldwide, urged those empowered to use the items to the glory of God.

Dr. Paul  said rather than just the special occasions and festive seasons where this is done, it would now be a monthly distribution.

He said, “What is happening now is what life is all about. When Jesus cam,he said the thief has been around killing, stealing and destroying but I have come to give life. That is to say, his life is the empowerment to other life. The real purpose of life is that a person’s life should be used to add value to other life.

“I define the abundance life that the scripture talked about in John 10:10 as a meaning full life. A life that has meaning. A direction-filled life. A quality life as well as a durable life. This is what today has come to exemplified for everyone here.”

Dr. Paul Enenche, who rendered a birthday message to his wife, also prayed for God’s blessing upon everyone out there who shares the same birthday with her.

The story of Dr. Mrs. Rebecca Inyangbe Enenche (Nee Ibu) could be best captured with the caption: ‘Pure Gold.’

She is a true definition of what the good book describes as ‘virtuous woman.’

With an infectious smile and unstinted hands, Mummy Becky, as she’s fondly called throws up an image of a docile wife.

Dr. Mrs. Becky, wife of Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre is a woman arrayed with prestige and modesty.

A seasoned and passionate teacher and preacher of the WORD.

She’s gifted with a heavy prophetic mantle for accurate Word of Knowledge and Instant Action Unction that yields instant Divine intervention.

Just like her husband, Mrs. Enenche was a praticising successful medical doctor, before dumping the ‘theatre’ for the ‘altar.’

A peep into the world of this soft-spoken and unsparing woman exposes one to an island made of gold.

Her effortless grins coupled with words of kindness warm the heart of anyone who has been acquainted with her.

Her passion to help the needy is evident through her lifestyle of philanthropy and service to humanity.

Determined to see a world where women become better daughters, sisters, mothers and role models and generational influencers, Mummy Becky founded the Women Ministry at DIGC.

Despite her busy schedules, Mama runs a Monthly meeting called Marital Success Strategies for Enriching Sisters (MASSES), where she addresses the many challenges that women face because in her words, “the state of their welfare determines the state of their spirituality.”

Mummy is indeed many things rolled into one – wife, mother, role model, proprietress, administrator, author, trendsetter et al.

Here are pictures from the birthday outreach programme.


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