Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Talented corps member made a realistic looking sculpture in Edo state


A Facebook user, Ugochukwu Tony Oputa took to the platform to share photos of a sculpture of a female Corps member which looks like a real human being
The sculpture was made by Arigbede Ojo Olaropo, a talented artist, who just completed his national youth service in Edo state.
Sharing the photo, Oputa wrote ;
"This should pass as one of the most realistic sculptures ever made around these parts. From the accurate proportion &scaling of the mould, the painting, proper shading of the highlights & mid tones, the detailing, etc.
Up until recently I still had my doubts that it's was an actual statue, was thinking it could be a pun. This statue was made by a corp member Arigbede Ojo Olaropo, a Batch C, Stream 2 Corps member with state code ED/18C/3549, that just completed his service year at Benin City, Edo State.
He is an art instructor, he is into Figure Modelling, Paper Modelling, Metal Art, Junks art, Water Fountain, Building of Tree House and lots more.

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