Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Watch as LASTMA official seizes lady's phone for trying to record an alleged illegal activity he was carrying out (video)

LASTMA official seizes lady

An official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority ignited the wrath of residents of Lagos after he seized the phone of a lady who tried recording an alleged illegal activity/extortion he was reportedly carrying out. 

Twitter user @MrMan who shared the video said the incident occurred at Alagomeji busstop and the traffic official allegedly ended up destroying the lady's phone. 

He tweeted; 

@followlastma official damaged this woman's phone at Alagomeji busstop this morning because she recorded his illegal activities. Same LASTMA officers that are always 1st to bring out phone to record traffic offenders. If what he was doing was right, why damage the phone?

LASTMA official seizes lady

Watch Video below:

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