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My attention has been drawn by friends to this TV Series showing on DSTV titled ''Ajoche''. The complain is that the series is putting the Idoma nation in bad light, showing that we are bloody, immoral, dirty and greedy.
Though I have never taken time to watch the said telenovela, my brief research shows that the telenovela, which was set in 1918, tells an epic story of a kingdom that goes on a bloody rampage after an innocent woman is murdered. The story has a theme of war, love and betrayal. It stars talented actors like Hilda Dokubo, Femi Branch, Luci Ameh among others.

It was produced by James Omokwe, and was first aired on April 30, 2018, on Africa Magic Showcase.

My further enquiries confirmed the worries of my friends who are not of Benue origin but have lived with the peaceful and lovable people of Benue over the years and who did not see any of the attributes displayed in the telenovela in the Benue people that they know.

A Scene From Ajoche

Mr. Omokwe is definitely not an Idoma name and may not know much about our culture. If the script writer is truly a proud Idoma son/daughter, they would not have portrayed the godly nation in that light.

In 1918, the ancestral fathers of Idoma land are barely settling down in the present Idoma land after the Jihad led by Otman Dan Fodio in 1900 that deformed the Kwararafa Kingdom, and are not capable of all the ''evil'' portrayed in the series. The ancestors were at this time building rapport with their neighborhood and war was not an option here.

A Scene of Violence From Ajoche

Moreover, the land has religious and cultural norms that guarded against sexual immortality.

As a creative writer, I appreciate the effort put in the production of this series, but nonetheless not in support of bad image portrayal or any attempt to put the peace-loving people of Benue in bad light.

I want to declare that, despite the cult activities and political upheavals of the recent past abetted by bad governance, we are not bloody, dirty and greedy as portrayed by Ajoche.

I therefore call the attention of the well meaning Idoma leaders to review the said telenovela and take necessary action/decision to avoid further damages to our good name and  fatherland.

God bless Nigeria

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