Sunday, December 15, 2019

Hilarious! Company says employees will face 'smell check' to ensure they aren't operating phone in toilet during work hours

Company says employees will face

A work place sign asking employees to stick to strict timing when it comes to the use of toilets during working hours has gone viral.

The work place sign from an unknown company was posted on Reddit and urged workers to not stay in the rest-room for more than 10 minutes or else a 'smell check' will be carried out.

The work place sign says if the smell check is done and the toilet is smelling then it meant that worker is really 'busy' but if it wasn't smelling then it means the worker was operating his/her phone.

            Company says employees will face

"If in bathroom for more than 10 minutes, a smell check will be completed to ensure employee not sitting on phone,” one part of the bathroom sign reads.
“If it does not stink, employee's name will be reported to office.”

This led to a lot of funny comments on Reddit, with many users on the social network making mockery of the workplace notice .

 A Reddit user commenting on the post said: “Wait, so if it stinks then you don't get in trouble but if it doesn't you do... ?”
“This is an obvious joke, no?” another user commented.

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