Wednesday, December 18, 2019

You can't be a Marlian and a Christian - Relationship counselor, Pastor Sola Adio

You can

UK-based Nigerian relationship counselor, Pastor Sola Adio has shared his thoughts about "Marlians" which in the last few months has been used to describe followers/fans of Naira Marley. 

Recounting how he blocked Naira Marley on Twitter after he saw a video of him slapping the a*s of some girls being retweeted, Pastor Sola Adio insisted that the Marlian movement is a demonic movement which is patronized by those possessed by demons. 

He wondered how Christians who claim to have the Holy Ghost in them will be comfortable with a demonic movement that slaps the back sides of women. 

He tweeted; 

He also lashed out at feminists for endorsing a video of Naira Marley slapping the backside of women. Sola Adio alleged that feminists are not consistent and only pick fights that don’t impinge on their private obsessions.

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