Friday, January 17, 2020

How My Sister Fell Victim To ‘One Chance Robbers’ In Lagos

A suspect in handcuffs
A suspect in handcuffs
A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share the heartbreaking story of how her younger sister fell victim to one chance robbers in Lagos.
Read her story below;
”My younger sister called me crying profusely! I had to rush down to see her at home. Pls, be very careful entering private cars to Vi – Lekki – Ajah. Most of them are ‘one – chance’. Yesterday, she entered a Sienna car at berger around 5am going to Vi. She was the 2nd passenger
“As soon as she settled in, 4 guys rushed in and started punching her while the car zoomed off. She was beaten, punched, knocked continuously for 1hrs. She was driven to Ikeja: assaulted, molested & threatened. She was choked, acid was brought out to be poured on her & blade to cut
“Every question asked her was accomplished by slaps. Her phone was explored down to mails & all apps, her atm pin collected and they forced her to transfer from other banks to the one with atm she had. She was robbed of #400k. All her body was full of bruises and marks.
“After the operation, ABONIKI Balm was applied on her face with deep punches. They almost poured her acid. Eventually, she was dropped at Opebi(pushed out of motion). She’s been traumatised since yesterday. Please, be very careful out there.”

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