Sunday, January 5, 2020

Killing my girlfriend was in vain – Slain LASU student boyfriend cries out

Twenty-three-year old Adeeko Owolabi reportedly connived with a self-acclaimed pastor to murder his girlfriend, Favour Daley-Oladele, who was a final-year student of the Lagos State University. He talks to journalists about why he chose Favour as his target and how he executed the plan.
How would you describe the role you played in the killing of Favour Daley-Oladele?
I am a student, my colleagues just finished from Lagos State University, but I have carryover and was trying to retake the course when this happened. I study sociology.
I called Favour on December 8, 2019 to meet me at Ikoyi-Ile so we could spend some time together. She met me at a hotel in the area, but immediately she got there, she started complaining that she was tired and needed to rest.
I told her that we needed to visit my dad’s younger brother before she would rest. It was a lie. I tricked her into going to the church of Segun. When we got to the church, again, she complained that she wanted to sleep, so, I asked her to go into the church and rest.
When she slept off, I used a pestle to smash her in the head and she died. After we confirmed she was dead, Pastor Segun slaughtered her and removed the vital organs from her body so that they could be used for the ritual we wanted to perform to make money.
How did you meet the prophet?
I met the prophet through my aunt; she introduced him to me. I have known him for long, but he used to only interpret dreams for me.
My mother is the breadwinner of our family. Since my father lost his job, she has been the one going about to ensure that we survive. But recently, I discovered that things were not going smoothly for her. She was not making money like she used to and she wasn’t getting contracts. Because of the love I had for my mother and because I knew how much she had tried for the survival of the family, I decided to perform a money ritual for her without telling her.
Why did you not tell her?
I don’t know why I did not tell her. I just wanted to surprise her. I thought the ritual would be a way to pay her back for all the good things she had done for me.
When did you meet Favour?
I met her about a couple of months ago in school and she was surprised that I was still in school. She asked me about it and I explained to her that I had a carry-over. After we started talking, we became closer.
Since you performed the ritual, have your family become rich?
We have not got any money. Things have not been going on well; my mum’s business has not improved after what we did and despite all our efforts. I think the money ritual did not work.
Do you have any regrets?
I have a lot of regrets and I feel very bad that I did such a thing to my girlfriend. I have felt bad from the moment I did it and I regret it.
Since there is law of karma, I already know I will be killed. What is painful to me is that my mum did not know about it and it would be bad if she is punished for what she did not have any hand in. I have accepted that they will kill me, but they should not do anything to my mother because she is innocent.

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