Friday, January 31, 2020

Man Who Staged Own Kidnap Not A Pastor - CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) says James Clement, a man who staged his own kidnap to extort N5 million ransom from family is not a pastor.
The police arrested Clement alongside his accomplice, one George Otokpa, on Wednesday.
In a statement on Thursday, Joseph Hayab (pictured), CAN chairman in Kaduna, said preliminary checks have revealed that the suspect is not a pastor.
Hayab said, “Any pastor or Christian who fakes his kidnap or is confirmed to have any dirty business to do with kidnappers should be arrested and prosecuted. ”
“Kidnappers have caused us pain and sorrow and our faith and association will not support or defend evil. James Clement who was arrested with his collaborator for faking his kidnap is not a pastor in any church.
“Some of them are road side artisans who are claiming to be clergy when their businesses are not moving well. How can a true pastor plan to defraud his family by faking his kidnap?

“This is unChristian and no culture in our dear country supports such evil behavior. We hope and pray they will go after more bad eggs in our community and arrest them. This will help to sanitize the community and separate good from evil.”

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