Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Maryam Sanda Weeps As Court Sends Her To Meet Late Husband In Grave (Full Video)

Maryam Sanda and Bilyaminu Bello
Maryam Sanda and Bilyaminu Bello

Maryam Sanda,  who was found guilty of killing her husband, Bilyamin Mohammed Bello in 2017 has been sentenced to death by hanging.
Sanda stabbed Bello, son of Haliru Mohammed Bello to death with a bottle in November 2017.
After court judgement, the killer wife was heard wailing and shouting “Inna lilahi Inna roji hun”, while her family and lawyer were busy consoling her.
She was heard saying, “I was fasting and praying … Ya Allah, why?” as court officials announced that the judge was about to return for sentencing.
Watch the video below:

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