Tuesday, January 7, 2020

More knocks for Akume for insulting Tor Tiv (photo)

I have not listened to the clips of the alleged attacks on the Begha u Tiv but I find it strange that this matter is being further promoted by the people who should demote it.
If Terver Akase has set the stage to attack the person of a prominent son then he is as guilty as the very person he has set out to denigrate. The whole thing is getting absurd and should be nib in bud.
If the issue is further politicized then you will find people taking sides along partisan lines. I think the Tiv youths organization needs that prominent Tiv son the same way they need to protect the traditional institution.
Tyo should know that there can be as many tyos as the situation can require. It is in the interest of the Tiv nation to quickly stop this attacks and counter attacks.

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