Saturday, January 11, 2020

Nigerian customer calls out hair vendor, Kachi Hair for refusing to deliver the hair she paid for one year ago .

According to the social media user, known as @Fabb01.03 , she paid N27,000 for a wig in 2019 and up till now Kachi Hair has refused sending the hair to her .

In her post on Instagram, she accused Kachi of ripping her of her money. She made this long post below but Kachi has not commented or made any official statement as all screenshots have also been sent by the customer.

postBy @fabb01.03:

This is January and officially one year anniversary of the time @kachibeautysproduct decided to rip me of my money. Or let’s just say use my money for her business, because what shall we call it? If a business collects your money, ignores/block you upon inquiry of product purchased and a year after still doesn’t deliver, that is theft in my dictionary.

My sister’s attempts to get my hair still didn’t work, they even sent her false info to go to a park to collect hair that was never sent.

This is 2020 and it’s the year of accountability. Dear @kachibeautyproducts_ @kachibeautysproduct whether or not you give me my money back or at least the hair I paid for, it’s all on you now and your conscience if you have one. Happy New Year Ma’am………..”

other chats n transaction details

This is not the first time a customer will call her out on refusal to deliver a wig paid for , several customers have equally called her out on the same issue in the screenshots below !

Be very care with the type of hair vendor you patronize , many are out to scam people!

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