Monday, January 27, 2020

Twitter User Predicts Kobe Bryant's Death In 2012

Kobe Bryant
Retired Basketball player, Kobe Bryant
A Twitter user, Dot Noso is currently trending after his 2012 tweet about how legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant’s death will happen and it came to pass, how he predicts it to be.

Read The 2012 Report;
“Kobe Bryant did not speak to reporters after practice Monday because Lakers point guard Steve Blake suffered an abdominal strain and could only get an appointment with an Orange County doctor in the early afternoon, so Bryant flew him there in his helicopter to avoid any irksome traffic on the 405.”
Reacting to this, the web user wrote;
“Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash”
See the tweet and reactions below:
Dot Noso's tweet
Dot Noso’s tweet

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