Monday, January 13, 2020

Uchenyum Water Fall in OJU in Benue State, The Untapped Natural Resources In Benue State

Uchenyum water fall is located at Oju LG of Benue State. What a beautiful place to be

Benue state is a beautiful place located in the western part of African, in Nigeria. This place has alot of untapped natural resources that has been ignored over the years.

Benue State, like most other states in Nigeria, has a lot of natural resources that are untapped. The State is blessed with abundant mineral resources which include Limestone, Gypsum, Anhydride, Koalin, Natural Gas, Salt, Petroleum Oil, Lead, Zinc, Barytes, Clay, Coal, Calcite, Germstones and Magnetite. Unfortunately, most of these resources remain untapped. Whereas there is Limestone in Mbatyav and Igumale in industrial quantity, only Limestone deposits in Mbanyion in Gboko is being harnessed by Dangote Cement Company at the moment and funnily enough, that is the only mineral deposit that is presently being tapped in the state.

More photos below:

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