Monday, January 27, 2020

Why Amotekun Must Not Be Allowed To Operate - Tanko Yakasai

Tanko Yakasai
Tanko Yakasai
Tanko Yakasai, has advised the federal government against accepting the Western Nigeria Security Network code-named: Amotekun.
He said this while speaking with journalists at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, on Saturday, saying Amotekun is left to operate in the south-west, it could make other regions to create armed security outfits.
“If Amotekun is allowed, soon it may spill over to other regions and may become out of control when other regions come up with armed security outfits that may lead to an uncontrollable situation in the country,” he said.
“Every Nigerian is interested in the Nigerian project. Every Nigerian is benefitting from Nigeria as a nation.”
On the 2023 presidency, he urged the south-east to work hard to convince other parts of the country to accept a candidate from the region.
“There is no reason to deny the South-East the opportunity to produce the presidential slot in 2023. The North, West have had it. It will not make sense to deny the South-East. But then, the Igbo have to work hard for power and convince people because it is a matter of numbers,” he said.

“They have to convince the rest of the country to accept whoever they put forward to be accepted.”

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