Saturday, February 1, 2020

Filmmaker Reveals What Will Happen To Ugly Nollywood Actors In Future

Nigerian filmmaker Kesiena Obue has shared her thoughts on the Nigerian film industry.
Obue, expressed her worries over actors who are not pretty, handsome and sexy, adding that they may be shoved to the back.
In her words;  “Characterization is suffering in Nollywood. We lack diversity in characters. Majority of our characters are the same. Handsome man, pretty, sexy babe; stereotypical and flat. No depth. A lot of Nollywood actors approach different characters the same way. Same mannerism, same vocal pattern, same gait, same accent, same physicality, same emotional delivery. Same everything. They go as they are. No difference between their real life selves and the characters. Actors need to discover the physical qualities of their characters; Mannerism, physicality, posture/gait, vocal pattern, behavioural norms, culture, the internal qualities.”

She coninued saying: “Writers need to give their characters soul and personality. Directors need to help their actors find the soul and personality of their characters. The character is not only the heart of the story but the story.  As an actor in Nollywood, if you are not handsome, pretty and sexy, I pity you. There is no market for you at the moment.”

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