Sunday, February 2, 2020

Why I Walked Out Of My Mum’s Life – Nigerian Architect

Odeleye Wole
An architect known as Odeleye Wole has taken to Twitter to reveal the reason he walked out of his mum’s life and stopped talking to her.
According to Wole, 2 weeks after his father passed, he got into a fight with his mum which saw her saying some mean things to her.
Wole revealed that fight saw him moving out of the house and not talking to his mum for 4 years.
”In 2015 , 2 weeks after my dad died, my mom and I had a fight. In her usual fashion she said some very hurtful things. The next day I bought a huge traveling bag on my way from work and packed out of the house.
Initially she thought I was bluffing and I would return after cooling off. After a month of not returning she grew worried and started calling my siblings. When my sisters heard what she said they told her “Wole is not like your husband. You’ve burnt the bridge”
I got visits from even church elders. My host (a very rich family) told all the visitors that “Wole can stay here as long as he likes”.
It’s been more than 4 years now. We rarely talk but I’m no longer angry. I however won’t let anyone alive talk to me in a manner that diminishes myself esteem.
I don’t care who you are. There is no one I cannot walk away from in this life. No one.
Watch what you say to your loved ones in anger. They won’t forget. And one day they will act accordingly.”

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